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We design and produce bespoke mugs and towels with maps on for outdoor events and races. We also do personalised pocket maps.


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We can design and produce your mug or travel towel with your event route on the iconic Ordnance Survey maps. You can include your own logo, colours, sponsors names and event date

a Useful momento

Get away from the traditional medal! They only end up in the bottom of a drawer… Give your event participants a useful and stylish alternative to a medal, something they can use every day to remind them of their achievement.

Iconic OS MAPS

Use the much loved Ordnance Survey, also marine charts and other custom maps showing your event or route.

a useful gift

Have your contenders use this every day and remind them to come back next year.

design your map

We’ll design the map of anyway in the world to include routes, sponsor logos and in any style of map.

a mAP for mugs

Mugs are a great alternative to single use plastic water bottles on race day.

travel towels

A dry fast, micro-fibre towel for your contenders/members to use daily.

pocket maps

 Printed on waterproof paper and folded into a small and handy map of the route.

About Us

Well we are not Alpkit but we are keen outdoorsy types based in Devon.
We are great designers, we know loads about maps and are a partner to the fantastic Ordnance Survey.

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