Make it personal

With a custom map

Create a map wallpaper of your local area using the best up-to-date maps, that suits your interest, home deco, office or special and unique gifts.

How to create your map wallpaper

Use gomaps unique map tool to find and select your area and size, choose from the range of maps through the ages and get an Instant Quote.

Gomaps has fathoms of interesting maps – see which fits your idea and we can print and post it.

Some map styles you can use

Interior Design

  • Create large, personal and engaging maps for the surroundings.
  • Overlay necessary data unique to the business.
  • Colour the maps to match the décor.

Shops and Restaurants

  • Brand with iconic Ordnance Survey.

  • Make accurate maps of local treks.

  • Indoor and Outdoor signage.

Households & Holiday Lets

  • Allow your visitors to discover the local area with a large detailed map on the wall.
  • World maps are perfect for a children’s room.
  • Show the area with a vintage map.

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