Marine Charts

Transform your space by adding nautical chart wallpaper.

Map Murals

Design wallpaper of any area and style of map.

Map your event

Use maps to create merchandise for your event.

Design map mugs

Create a useful gift or award

Historical maps

Access beautiful and accurate maps from 1888.

Custom Ordnance Survey maps

Create XL Ordnance Survey maps for your trip.

Welcome to Gomaps

Gomaps gives you access to beautiful and accurate cartography for your interior decoration, outdoor event or product.


GoMaps prints beautiful cartography collected for you to browse any place in the United Kingdom and World including the historical maps from Ordnance Survey.  Take a look


GoMaps has a unique option with the full set of charts for the UK and Ireland coastline. Search the coast and select your area and get an instant quote. View here.


Going on a long hike or bike trip? Take just the one OS map. Gomaps prints maps to include a wider area than the normal sized Ordnance Survey map. Printed on a non-tear and waterproof paper.

Ordnance Survey

Explorer Leisure Map

1:25 000 scale

Use the iconic and much loved map, showing the greatest detail and used mainly for walking, running, mountain biking and horse riding. A highly detailed map showing rights of way, footpaths & landscape features.

UK coverage

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Victorian Maps 1888-1913

The layer is made up of the OS County Series mapping at Six-Inch to the mile / 1:10,560 for the 2nd edition, dating between 1888-1913. The six-inch maps are immensely valuable for local and family history, allowing most features in the landscape to be shown.

UK coverage

Reproduced by permission of the National Library of Scotland, 2019.

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Edwardian Maps 1920–1940

Colourful and detailed these Ordnance Survey maps give an insight to the UK in the 1920s to the 1940s.

Reproduced by permission of the National Library of Scotland, 2019.

UK coverage

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Marine charts

Have this unique chance to use these charts as a wall mural. For decorational purposes only. Original data – from the UK Hydrographic Office.


Work in progress: We are adding charts day by day. If you require any chart not present please enquire.

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Blueprint Streets

Inspired by the architectural blueprint diagrams. White lines with a blue colour taken from an original.

World coverage

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Real-time Street View

Detailed and up-to-date with a clean and modern look.

World coverage

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A-Z Streets

The Great Britain A-Z Street Map provides a wealth of information, including one-way streets, walking and bicycle paths, National Rail and London Underground stations, and River Bus piers.

UK coverage

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Satellite imagery

Use detailed up-to-date collected satellite data. Even show countries or continents and enlarge to cover whole walls.

World coverage

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Transform your room with a stunning map mural. Every mural is made to order and available in a range of map styles to suit your taste and décor. We can deliver the final product ready for you to fit yourself, or we can install it for you.

As a partner with Ordnance Survey and  The British Library, Gomaps has access to a huge range of maps from historic maps of any area, Admiralty nautical charts, rare maps from around the world, A-Z street maps, educational maps and National Geographical Maps.