Memorable and useful products for your event. 

We design and produce map products for events, outdoor activities and retail.

Beach towels.

Have your design on this dry fast, micro-fibre towel for your contenders to use daily. 

Offered in 3 sizes and produced here in Devon at unbeatable prices.

A unique item that’s designed for your event or activity.

Customised mugs.

Get away from the traditional medal! They only end up in the bottom of a drawer…give your event participants a useful mugs showing the route and something to remind them of their achievement. 

Try a stainless steel and lightweight travel mug with carabiner handle. Have it printed with your logo or map of the route.

Great memories

Let people have a beautiful memory.

Useful products

Promote the event/activity with giveaways that are useful and usable.

Free design

We will personally design it for you.

Ordnance Survey

Associate your event/activity with the iconic Ordnance Survey maps.