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Meeting room - Corporate Interiors

Working with Jans based in Skye to create a wall mural in their meeting room.

“The old problem is during a ‘riveting’ meeting you end up look at the wall and planning an adventure” 😁



George Clarke's - Old house New home

Working with Amazing Productions, GOMAPS sourced and printed the map showing the actual street with the house in 1846 in London. The map covered the small toilet interior. Showing the house situated perfectly where one can view most comfortably.


Magnetic World Map

Working with London based project consultants and printers DisplayWays to produce an accurate, up to date, world map on an magnetic panel for an oil pollution response advisory company.


Waterproof Event Map

Designed and produced this A3 waterproof map for a fundraising organised by the Dartmoor Search and Rescue, Ashburton.


Restaurant and Bar -Dartmoor Lodge Hotel

This maps were installed in The Dartmoor Lodge, to reinvigorate old bar tables. Printed onto aluminum and cut to size. These maps showed local walks, the area in the 1900’s and 1960’s on various tables. With a great response from locals, the Search & Rescue team that held their ‘meetings’ at the bar and visitors alike.


Tunbridge Wells in 1886

A living room interior was revamped with the Old Ordnance Survey maps showing Tunbridge Wells in the middle at head height. This map stretched from the tip of London down towards the South Downs.


Map on Slate

Working with Bay and Moor laser etching to produced map slate coasters. Vintage map of  Totnes, Devon.


Exeter in 1886, Meeting room wall mural

Working with the designers betterworkspace to create this relevant map mural showing the local area and building in 1886.


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Seale-Hayne, Newton Abbot,

Transform your room with a stunning map mural. Every mural is made to order and available in a range of map styles to suit your taste and décor. We can deliver the final product ready for you to fit yourself, or we can install it for you.

As a partner with Ordnance Survey and  The British Library, Gomaps has access to a huge range of maps from historic maps of any area, Admiralty nautical charts, rare maps from around the world, A-Z street maps, educational maps and National Geographical Maps.